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In many cultures, cows are seen as sacred.

Having grown up with a farmer's field behind
our home, one of the first friends I ever made
was a cow. I was delighted to find they had
personality traits as varied as human beings.

Some were extroverted, whereas others were
clearly introverts.  Some were friendly, shy,
playful, and bold; while, others were
indifferent, nervous or devious.

Years ago, while at the Yavapai County Fair,
walking through the barns, looking at the
various farm animals, I was blissfully unaware
they were there to be auctioned for meat.
One cow stopped me in my tracks when I
noticed her eyes were filled with tears and the
full knowledge of what was happening.

The mindful consciousness of this one cow
transformed me with her very present and
sorrowful gaze.

Part of my 'Holy Cow' series.


Sacred Cow

  "Sacred Cow"  © Cathy Gazda
   Acrylic on Canvas - 36 x 24 inches
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